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Riviera Holidays - The Riviera di Ponente just a click away

Riviera Holidays is an AlpMed tourism project, a company that, after gaining a great deal of experience with the Booking Piemonte project, now intends to enrich the offer of online accommodation facilities by extending it to Liguria, in particular to the Riviera di Ponente.

Both platforms were created with the intention of promoting and encouraging tourism, thus offering the possibility for structures to be more visible and easily bookable. The common purpose of the platforms is to increase the number of Italian and foreign presences in Liguria, thanks to a focus on tourism services and technological solutions that comply with the most modern web standards.

The project is aimed not only at hotels but at any type of accommodation facility. The platform, in addition to the possibility of booking rooms, offers visitors prepackaged tourist packages according to different types, seasons or in relation to events of great appeal. Seasonal and thematic promotions are also offered by individual hotels.

The philosophy
Everything is at hand, immediate, like the new way of experiencing the city by broadening the horizons of one's habits. All the beauty of places to live and savor with taste. In addition to the booking functions, in fact, the portal presents proposals for stays in the formula of personalized dynamic packs with special offers linked to the numerous events in the area.

From urban dynamism to the silence of still uncontaminated natural scenarios; from places of history to non-places of the avant-garde. From the 'cult' places of minimal cuisine, to the temples of Piedmontese cuisine: accommodation and cultural activities. All in a simple click.

Thanks to the partnership with the best leading online booking companies, Booking Piemonte and Riviera Holidays use the best booking software currently available on the Italian market. Designed in response to the multiple marketing needs of hoteliers, the tools offered by these software are simple and intuitive to use and integrated with all the main Channel Managers in use in hotels.

Tourism AlpMed srl
Tourism AlpMed srl was born from the need to organize and manage relationships with public entities, private companies and sector associations in order to propose an integrated tourism offer for the area.

Thanks to the collaboration and direct participation of Confcommercio Piemonte, Federalberghi Piemonte, Unioncamere Piemonte, Piemonteincoming (Federation of tourism consortia), and Confcommercio Imperia, the project is part of a context of research of solutions for the development of the tourism sector aimed at realizing an offer dynamic, flexible and comprehensive that allows the customer to organize a complete holiday in the area.